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More blessings

Traveled with Sr. Catarina to a birthday party. It was a beautiful drive through the bush.

Below is a picture of a tree with a bunch of tiny fruit-lings. Sister says that each one has the potential to become a full grown . They don't all grow to full grown because birds come and eat the small fruit. Nature thins the fruit so the tree can sustain those who make it to full grown.

One of the reasons why I got a little behind on posting blog updates is because we have been working on the youth retreat or Days of Reflection. We sent out a flyer last minute. I mean literally a few days before the retreat.

The video below is of Sister Gabriella doing her thing with the coconut. Pretty cool huh.

This is a cool way to keep your baby close to you while you do your chores don't you think? You can also walk, and/or have your hands free to do other things.

The clouds were doing interesting things this morning on our way back from church.

The reflection off of the ocean is really cool. It seems to be different every time.

Below are pictures of the church in Punta Gorda. I love that they have a statue of Mary Magdalene included since she was also at the food of the cross with our Blessed Mother Mary and John.

More to come soon.



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