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Beautiful blessings

On our way back from Mass in Punta Gorda, doing the usual "shoot and see what lands" pictures as we are driving by the ocean, this picture came out. Sister noticed that it looked like. A chalice and Host. Wow!

Then cleaning the church and getting ready for Palm Sunday.

Notice the beautiful greenery in the photo below. All of the flowers and green palms, etc. that you see are from the Convent grounds. And guess who went to get them....

Yes, Sister Catarina with her machete! And there's proof in her hands. We all had such a great time with this picture because I kept teasing her about, "Be ware of Sister with a machete".

In reality this sister is the sweetest, most gentle woman I know. She has a heart of gold! And a great laugh to go with it.

More pictures coming back from Mass. On this one you can see the reflection of the window as we drive by. Notice the interesting formation of the clouds covering the sun.


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Wow! How beautiful it does look like a chalice and Host. That arrangement with the crown and palms looks beautiful.

And the clouds are so gorgeous.

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