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Geri Salazar

​Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach
Certified Catechist
Staff Retention and Development Consultant

Interesting how life happens, isn't it?


My career started as a Finance Director with an Accounting Degree working on the Navajo Reservation.


Little did I know that helping a new Substance Abuse Prevention Program for Youth get started, would lead me to volunteering in the evenings at a Crisis Shelter for teens.


Then the unexpected happened. I was in a rollover accident that left me unable to walk for a few weeks, with casts and bandages and all that comes with it.


While in recovery from the accident, a position opened up at the Shelter. Even though it was a huge cut in pay, I took it, and never looked back.

In addition to working with youth, I worked in developing proposals and programs to work with young adults and adults in a variety of situations.     

One thing led to another, and work in this field grew and developed while working with: Transitional Living for young adults; Independent Living for young people aging out of State Custody; Street Outreach; Reintegration Programs for Adults coming out of the prison setting; Employment training and assistance for teens and young adults; Reintegration for Adults on Probation or Parole, and more.

All this experience also led to creating employee positions, developing hiring criteria, supervising multilevel staffing structures and employees, as well as, developing and implementing programs for staff development, training, and retention.

After years of working in this field, I felt called to do more. I left it all, and traveled through 13 states pulling a 5th Wheel RV, and visited various religious communities.


While in Indiana, I was invited to visit a Benedictine Monastery in Morropón, Piura, Peru in South America.


Needless to say, the experience of living for 2 months in a third world country setting, was life changing.                                  (Continued)

Photo by Geri Salazar


"Before coaching, I felt disconnected from the world.  My life was like a broken record stuck on repeat.  I was so tired of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

Geri’s calm and logical method of teaching truly connected and inspired me.  As of to date, she has enabled, coached, and given me confidence to change my way of thinking and feeling and therefore change my life.  I have hope again!                                                            ~Mia

          (Full Testimony) 

"Coaching is not something I ever thought about. Or maybe I thought others needed it and not me.

Geri's coaching never forced me to "get over it" as many people tell us. Her gentle leading into thinking about those thoughts and giving me a process, or kind of formula to walk through those thoughts, are what brought me into understanding of why I am programmed the way I am and think the way I do.

I am so grateful to Geri and her patience with me. I believe I am so much better for having the coaching and I'm ready to have more coaching in other areas of my life to move forward to an even better future."


          (Full Testimony) 

" Before coaching I was struggling with not being able to control everything in my life.


Coaching has allowed be to work on my thought process and I have achieved a great mind set.

My coaching experience was awesome. Geri was understanding, compassionate, and patient.

Because of Geri's coaching, I now have a different way of thinking and remind myself of what I was taught during the coaching and it helps me get back on track.

Geri is a good listener, does not judge you, very wise and takes her coaching serious."


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