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Some people have written in about their experience

and share on their growth

and how they have benefited from taking a little time for themselves.

"On the other side of  Addiction"

"For years, I was in denial that my porn usage was an addiction or even a problem. Deep down, though, I suspected otherwise. 


The help that I received from Geri was invaluable.


Let me tell you, now that I am on the other side, it was so worth it. To be free of porn is just amazing. To be fair, the grips of porn are far stronger than anyone can imagine unless you’ve been there.


I still have temptations but thanks to the lessons and skills Geri taught me, I am able to address the triggers before it becomes an issue."                                                     ~Anonymous

              (Full Testimony) 


"Lost and kept weight off and took control of Diabetes"

"In 1993, . . . I ended up in the hospital with my blood sugar at 299. I have struggled with diabetes ever since.

My doctor had been telling me for years that I needed to lose weight in order to bring down my Hemoglobin H1C . I tried different diets. I would loose weight but soon I would gain it right back.


My mother and several of my family members have died because of diabetes.

I met with Geri online for several weeks . . .


At my last doctor appointment, my blood sugar test results show my H1C at 6.0 and I have lost 20lbs!


He could not believe it, much less me.

I know I could not have been able to do it without Geri’s help.


What I learned was not a quick fix. The skills I learned, I will be able to use for the rest of my life."

                 ~ Rose

(Full Testimony) 


" I have Hope again"

"Before coaching, I felt disconnected from the world.  My life was like a broken record stuck on repeat.  I was so tired of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

Geri’s calm and logical method of teaching truly connected and inspired me.  As of to date, she has enabled, coached, and given me confidence to change my way of thinking and feeling and therefore change my life.  I have hope again!                                                                   ~Mia

               (Full Testimony) 


Overcoming Anxiety

" Before coaching I was struggling with not being able to control everything in my life.


Coaching has allowed be to work on my thought process and I have achieved a great mind set.

My coaching experience was awesome. Geri was understanding, compassionate, and patient.

Because of Geri's coaching, I now have a different way of thinking and remind myself of what I was taught during the coaching and it helps me get back on track.

Geri is a good listener, does not judge you, very wise and takes her coaching serious."



"Moving forward to an even better future"

"Geri's coaching never forced me to "get over it" as many people tell us. Her gentle leading into thinking about those thoughts and giving me a process, or kind of formula to walk through those thoughts, are what brought me into understanding of why I am programmed the way I am and think the way I do.

I am so grateful to Geri and her patience with me. I believe I am so much better for having the coaching and I'm ready to have more coaching in other areas of my life to move forward to an even better future."


              (Full Testimony) 


"I have had major breakthroughs"

"Prior to life coaching, I felt as if I was running but not moving. My feelings felt invalid. My thoughts were jumbled inside my head, and I felt as if I couldn’t escape my own mind.


She has a way of getting you to see who you really are in a different way than any counselor I have ever met with.


There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use what Geri has helped me see. She is the most kind, thorough, and passionate person not only in what she believes, but in the sense of how she believes in you!"


               (Full Testimony)


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