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What people are saying

"I have had major breakthroughs"

"Prior to life coaching, I felt as if I was running but not moving. My feelings felt invalid. My thoughts were jumbled inside my head, and I felt as if I couldn’t escape my own mind.






"On the other side of  Addiction"

"For years, I was in denial that my porn usage was an addiction or even a problem. Deep down, though, I suspected otherwise."







" I have Hope again"

"Before coaching, I felt disconnected from the world.  My life was like a broken record stuck on repeat.  I was so tired of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.


Overcoming Anxiety

" Before coaching I was struggling with not being able to control everything in my life."





"Moving forward to an even better future"

I did not really understand that I was holding on to some painful things of my past, deeper than just the recent past. I had a lot of questions but they seemed to be all about the wrong things.





"Lost and kept weight off and took control of Diabetes"

"In 1993, . . . I ended up in the hospital with my blood sugar at 299. I have struggled with diabetes ever since.

I tried different diets. I would loose weight but soon I would gain it right back."


                             ~ Rose


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