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"I have had major breakthroughs"

Prior to life coaching, I felt as if I was running but not moving. My feelings felt invalid. My thoughts were jumbled inside my head, and I felt as if I couldn’t escape my own mind.


It was at the most random time; I was introduced to Geri. From the first-time meeting with her, something felt right. I knew in my heart; she was going to be able to help me in ways I hadn’t received before through counseling or therapy.

Geri reached my soul in a way that I will never forget and will always keep with me. Her approach is gentle and kind.


Since meeting with her, I have been able to organize my thoughts in a positive way that has impacted my life but also build a better relationship with God. She has a way of getting you to see who you really are in a different way than any counselor I have ever met with.


I have learned skills that I never knew how to obtain. I have had major breakthroughs throughout the short time we have had and will continue to use these skills moving forward.


There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use what Geri has helped me see. She is the most kind, thorough, and passionate person not only in what she believes, but in the sense of how she believes in you!

I will never forget how emotional I was after the first meeting with her. I sat in my car, with my newborn son, and cried tears of joy because I could feel in my heart that something was right, and that I was finally going to be able to get help on learning to organize the thoughts in my head, in order to be the best version of myself, for my son.


I will forever be grateful for Geri entering my life when she did.


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