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Life is an Adventure

Life is interesting, to say the least.

Sometimes life can seem as if it is a struggle. Lord knows some of us have been through some struggles. I'd even venture to say that most of us have, in one form or another.

It's not until we begin to understand that everything that happens is for a reason and that reason is usually for our better good, and the good of those in our lives.

This can be a difficult thing to wrap our brains around. Especially if there have been some terrible things we have gone through.

When we surrender to God and accept that He is ultimately the one who created us and wants what is best for us, we will at times struggle. The struggle does not have to be an awful experience. The struggle becomes part of the adventure.

All that to say.... I'd like to invite you to come along on a virtual adventure.

Through a series of events that have happened over the last year or more, I now find myself embarking on another adventure that God has brought into my path.

It's a long story of how we got here, maybe for another day.

For now, lets start with today. God has made it available for me to go to Belize. If you have never heard of it, Belize is a country in Central America.

I will be there for 30 days. Fr Aric has made arrangements for me to stay with the Pallotti Sisters in their convent which is about 10 min from where Fr. Aric and his brother Jesuit Priests live in Punta Gorda.

So far it looks like I will be working at the Parish Office, at the Palotti Sisters convent, and going to the villages with Fr Aric. I don't have much more details than that.

I'm excited to see what God's plans are for all of this.

You are invited to journey this road with me as I post updates while I'm there.

Feel free to send me an email anytime with questions, comments, thoughts, etc.

Send email to:

Welcome aboard!



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