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From Pallottine Missionary Sisters in Belize

I am blessed to be in touch with the Pallottine Missionary Sisters in Belize. Sr. Ester is visiting their sisters in Belize City and helping out. They have been going to different Villages in the area.

Below is a video sent by Sr. Ester as they visited with Alumni from one of the Pallotti High Schools.

This is Belize city in packing food for the needy families.

The Alumni of Pallotti High School help in gratitude to work together with the sisters and giving back to the community.

Below is a picture of the sisters after a meeting.

The sister on the left in the grey habit is Sister Alda who is visiting from Rome. The middle sister in white is Sister Ester from Nazareth where I stayed. The sister on the right in white is Sister Clara who is in Belize City.

One of the things that stands out for me in spending time with the sisters is their JOY! No matter what life brings, how hard they are working, or how hot it is, they are still joyful.


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