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We have many treasures

Isn't it amazing that we have so many treasures that we don't always recognize?

Nuestra Senora de Dolores, Las Vegas, NM

We are blessed with daily mass, Eucharist!

We have some wonderful priests. We need to appreciate them and pray for them. They have given their lives for us. We don't have Jesus in the Eucharist without our priests. They get attacked more than we do. We are blessed to have the good priests we have. You know who they are.

Yesterday was an amazing day. First I drove to Las Vegas to meet with some wonderful people who God has blessed us with. I love them all dearly. You know who you are. Yes, treasures! Each one in their own way.

We shared breakfast and great conversation. Most of them are helping with the fundraiser to help families by selling tickets for the 50/50 drawing. Thank you Rudy for helping out with breakfast for all these workers for Christ.

We already have tickets sold! Thank you Uncle Tommy! Great job. 👍🏼😊🙏🏼

Check the prize updates as the pot grows.

I was blessed with the opportunity of going to mass at Nuestra Senora de Dolores in Old Town. It's such a great feeling to be inside this church, and to see so many people there at noon. Wow! It's truly encouraging.

That's one thing I treasure about our Catholic faith. No matter where in the world that you go to mass. We are all united, same readings, same mass, we are truly one catholic (universal) apostolic church established by Jesus Himself. Gotta love it, right?!

Thank you Cathy for a wonderful lunch time of sharing about how God is working in our lives and in the lives of our parishes. Thank you for all the work you do for all the parishes that you help. Many people receive the message through you.

Going to Santa Fe today to meet with more wonderful people, more treasures.

Oh, just a quick note on how God works in our lives. We don't always recognize some blessings right.

Tuesday night, as I was coming home from Adoration in Edgewood, I stopped in Moriarty for gas. As I was moving up to the pump, my jeep died! No lights anywhere. No sound, nada! I popped the hood to check battery cables, etc. All ok. There was a clicking noise coming from under the fuse box. Then it stopped. I tried checking fuses, relay boxes, nada.

I called one of my brothers who was on the road to Colorado and with his help I tried a few things. Nada. Thank you bro, for troubleshooting with me on the phone.

Finally, I called a friend who came and checked it out. It seems the battery shorted out somehow and died. The jeep started with a boost, but the battery did not receive charge at all. I drove home depending on the alternator. Good thing I only live 5 miles from Moriarty.

The blessings are;

1st, that it happened at the gas station not far from home, and not one of the 3 times I was miles in the mountains with no phone service;

2nd that it was only the battery, easy fix; and, 3rd that there was someone available to help. Thank you Oni,

Next morning, I borrowed mom's car and went to buy a battery, installed it, and everything worked great! 4th, Thank you Mom for your car.

Thank you God for all of it!

The adventure continues 👍🏼😊🙏🏼👣


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