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Fundraising to Help Families

Fundraising to help families who want to bring their youth to the retreat is underway.

We are selling tickets for the 50/50 drawing. 50% of the money raised will be used to help parents pay for retreat registration for their young ones.

The winner of the drawing wins 50% of each of the ticket sales, $1 tickets and $5 tickets.

Thank you to all of you who have volunteered to sell tickets.

Thank you to those of you who are buying tickets! Woohoo.

I've talked with some of the youth who are excited to join us at the retreat and they are truly grateful and excited.

You can buy tickets online, and see the winners pot grow. Go to the Winning Prize Updates page.

Early Registration for the retreat will be starting soon.

More information on the Retreat will be available soon, as well.

We are working out some details. We are almost there! Thank you for your patience and excitement.


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