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A day off for Belize

It was a national holiday in Belize on Monday. The sisters took a partial day off. After chores were done, we headed for the hills, ... and waterfalls.

It's a beautiful place for a getaway.

It's the dry season here so the water is low and the falls are not as big as usual. But they are beautiful nonetheless.

And the water is nice and cold. Ahhhhhh YES!!

The sisters, and Magdalena (niece of Sr. Esther) are great swimmers and they are a bunch of fun.

We laughed allot and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the sisters ahead of time. Perfect!

I'm not a swimmer but I like playing in the water. So I only got in where the water was not deeper than my waist. At the bigger water fall is pretty deep.

There are tour guides that take people up there. One of them was near by, so we asked him a few questions.

The deep pond is about 15 feet deep now. That means it's probably around 20 feet deep when it's full.

He also said the water comes from an artisian well. That means the water comes out from the ground. It originates high in the mountains. He said there are another 10 waterfalls before getting to this location.

I'll let pictures tell the story.

First there are snapshots. Then short video clips follow. Click on the arrow to hear the water sounds. Make sure your sound is turned on.

I was terrified to go under the waterfall. It's slippery getting there and there are rocks. Big rocks under the water. Sr Esther and Magdalena helped me get to the waterfall.

Then there's a big step up to a ledge that's only a rock sticking out. You have to grab another rock above it to pull yourself up. Then... you have to turn around while standing on one foot on the small rock! Yikes!

With their help, I did it! And yes, there's water splashing on my face! Lol

These are the wooden tables and chairs where people can eat. There is a pavilion there that used to serve food and drinks until covid came. It has not reopened.

Click on the arrow below to see the videos. Make sure to turn on your sound. They are really short. All less than a minute long.

This is Magdalena going down one of the waterfalls.

Until next time, have a great night.



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