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To market we go in Punta Gorda

The people from the rural villages grow vegetables for a living. They bring them to town, i.e. Punta Gorda for sale a few days a week.

Below are pictures of some other shops. Some were taken as we drove by.

The store pictured below mainly sells eggs and poultry.

The store shown below is a grocery store.

At first glance prices seem super high!! But that's because the Belize dollar is half the value of the US dollar. If something is marked $12.00 Belize price, it's $6.00 US currency. The actual prices are the same as back home if not a little higher for some things. That includes the vegetables. The nice thing is that the vegetables and fruits at the market are fresh off the farm so they taste delicious.

And yes, it started raining. :) Nice.

The rain cooled things off for a bit. But then it became more humid. Clouds are very welcome. They help bring down the temperature.

Guess who is on their currency?

Most people from the villages come into town, i.e. Punta Gorda via the bus.

Looks different when it's raining over the ocean.

The Toucan is the national bird. I posted a picture of one that I found online because when I see them in the trees they are too far up there to get a good picture.

There were 4 that came a little closer this morning and I was able to zoom in and capture one of them before he took flight. The colors on his beak are still not visible. I wish they were. The colors are really pretty.

Below is what it would look like up close.

This is a picture off the internet.

This is as close as I could zooming in, but still can't see colors. Too far to capture with my phone.

Let's see what else God brings right.



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