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King of the Roost

This guy is a showoff. He thinks he's king of the roost.

This morning we got together for morning prayer at 7:00 a.m. Since we went to the Vigil Mass yesterday, we didn't go this morning.

While we were eating breakfast, the sisters were discussing things that needed attention at the Retreat Center. Things like, the coffee pot isn't working, the water dispenser on the 2nd floor not working and they killed a snake in the building!

After washing dishes, Sr. Esther and I went to the Center to see what we found. The snake was still there. They had killed it with a board. As some of you know, when you kill a snake it stays moving for a while. So, you guessed it. It was still moving.

It's a skinny snake. Sister said they can grow pretty big and pretty long. And... yes, this is one of the poisonous ones. I put the tip of my shoe in the picture to give you an idea of size. This is a baby. But, not one to mess with as it is still dangerous and poisonous.

Then we went on to take care of other things that needed attention. The coffee pot was dead. No sounds. No anything. Time to retire.

We looked in the conference room and that's where the team had laid out some of the items they brought as donations for the villages and schools. They had big suitcases and big bags of soap. I took pictures of some of the things they had laid out on the tables and floor.

I'm hoping to get a chance to talk with them some more and learn where they are from. I know they are from the U.S. One of the ladies said they have a website. I hope to get that info too.

On our way out, I took a picture of the freezer to show how the weather/climate affects the metal on appliances.

After we left the Center we checked on some of the garden. We picked a few cherry tomatoes and checked out the watermelons.

While Sister was watering, I took a couple of pictures of the bush. It's not far. It's thick forest vegetation. It's actually all around us. What people do here is they clean out the jungle to make room for a house, etc. the property line is actually in the jungle even though they have cleared out a large area of vegetation.

It's beautiful plush green. And this is their dry season! Wow.

Then off to the chicken coop. This is entertainment. LOL.

I recorded a short video so you can hear the sounds of the forest. There are many birds in the trees and then there are the chickens.

Toward the end of the video you get a special treat. The turkey who acts as if he thinks he is the King of the Roost came to do a little performance right in front of the camera.

It's as if he knew what he was doing, don't you think?

Check out how he flips back the skin that grows over his beak. It looks like he is showing off, right?! If you tap the 4 arrows on the bottom right it will expand the view.

On our walk back from the chicken entertainment, I noticed these huge leaves.

There is all kinds of vegetation. Some edible some not.

There are many fruit trees too. The one below is mangoes. They grow all year round. Per Sister, this batch should be ready for harvest around July.

The Sisters left to a funeral in one of the Villages. I stayed behind this time.

I also noticed the time changed in the states, so now we are on the same time. I won't need to figure out what time it is anymore.

Oh and THANK YOU to Della for sending pictures of the snow!!! I helped cool me off even if it was only in my brain! LOL.

We got a special treat tonight. Fresh baked bread. Yum!

More to come...


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