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What's Next?

It is interesting to observe the process the body, mind, and soul goes through to acclimate.

It's been 1 week since arriving from Belize. The body changes are visible. The skin is different in the dry climate. I feel like a lizard🤣. The skin dries out. It looks different and feels different.

Because I was not in the ocean until the last day there, I didn't get much sun exposure. The effects of the few hours of exposure that I had, is noticeable but not major.

The insect bites...? The evidence varies. There are dark spots where the healed bites are. There are some bites that if something rubs against them, they still itch. I suspect some of the venom is still working it's way through.

The mind... that's a different story. There's a big shift in the thoughts racing through. It takes time to process everything and for it all to "sink in". What to make of it all? What to do with it? There are many things to work through.

The soul... there's a wonderful sense of awe and peace when reflecting on how God works in all things and especially in all beings. His timing is fascinating. Spending time looking at it from the spiritual perspective leaves one without words.

One of the most valuable things that God has taught us is that our experiences when shared take on a new life and meaning. It seems that when there is a conversation with people and they ask questions, it brings another aspect of things to life. It is beneficial for both of us. Sharing helps us all grow.

One of the many blessings that has come out of this is being exposed to the St. Vincent Pallotti Charism.

There is a book that the Sisters use in combination with the Liturgy of the Hours. In this book there is a 7 day study for reflection.

There are a few people who have joined me in going through the week process and it is truly an amazing experience.

In one of our discussions we shared some ideas on how to use this study for others who might be interested in benefiting and growing from it.

The goal is to make this available to everyone.

One way is through retreats and studies both in person and available online, there is a possibility that we will make the 7 day program available online as well. This is still a work in progress.

Updates will be posted here.

P.S.... I was invited to visit the Sisters in Rome!

Let's see what God has in mind, right?!


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