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Reflections on Belize Journey

When you immerse yourself in another culture and climate for a while, then return to your previous surroundings, culture, and climate, it takes a while for your mind and your body to adjust.

At first it's as if you haven't "landed" yet. Add lack of sleep to the equation and you end up not only "not landed" but "spinning" at the same time. 🤣

It takes a while to acclimate. If you are one of those people like me that thinks we always need to be doing something, it can be a little bit of a challenge. I try to follow my wise friend's advice to rest and give it time.

My mind says, "time? Ok, like sleep a few hours and then get to it. " 🤣

Right! Not so easy. But we can compromise a bit. There are some things that need to get done, so, prioritize.

There are physical things that need to get done, like go for groceries. And even that was a challenge. I was at the grocery store and didn't know what to buy! 😳

There are emotional things to take care of, like connecting with people. It feels interesting when you see people again after being immersed in a different world for 30 days.

Then there are all the things going through the mind that need to be sorted and processed.

We underestimate the value of taking time to "process" our experiences, even daily experiences.

Thank you to all of you who have welcomed me home, those who have listened, asked questions, made comments, and who have given feedback or reached out. It's all appreciated and very helpful. Thank you! 🤗


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Apr 08

What a beautiful and blessed journey you had. Lots of special memories you made, I'm sure you will never forget the wonderful people you meet. You are blessed!

Welcome back home!!

Replying to

Thank you! It's great to be home but a part of me wants to still be there. I am blessed that there are people from there that are in regular communication and I am hoping to return. You are right! I will never forget! Thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure.

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