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Visit to the Retreat Facility

Oh my goodness! This place is gorgeous. It's perfect for a Retreat.

Today we were able to go and visit the facilities that were referenced in yesterday's blog.

The photo above is the main building. This building includes, bedrooms, meeting room, huge kitchen, bathrooms, patio, etc.

Above is a picture of the chapel. It is gorgeous! Beautiful woodwork and carvings. Great paintings. Oh my. Truly heavenly.

The view above is the view from the front porch facing southeast. There is a pond in front of the building.

The view above is from the front porch facing northeast.

The picture above is of the porch on the east side of the building.

The fireplace is inside the east wall. The porch is on the other side of this. Notice, there is a mantle on both sides of the wall.

The bedrooms are gorgeous! Each one has it's own full bathroom.

The inside of the chapel is breathtaking. There are so many details in the woodwork. There are carvings of saints and apostles, at the ends of the benches. The benches are wonderful woodwork. The chandeliers are amazing. There is much attention to details. Absolutely beautiful.

We got a special treat as we were leaving. There was a herd of deer crossing the valley. They gave us the opportunity to take pictures and this video.

While we were looking at the main building we also saw about 10 elk across the pond on the hillside. (Sorry, no pictures)

The facilities are in a great location. The roads are not as bad as I expected. And, there's no phone or internet service! A total getaway from it all.

I am waiting to hear back from the owners to discuss availability, etc.

So far it looks like this might really happen.

This is really exciting. 👍🏼😊🙏🏼

Updates coming soon.


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That place is absolutely breathtaking. Really excited about this retreat. God willing 🙏

Me gusta
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