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Very worth it!

The image above is a picture of the drawings that the youth did in summary of what they learned at the retreat. They didn't have much time, but they did a great job, and an even better job of explaining what they represent.

I pray that what they learned will stay with them and guide them as they continue to grow in their faith.

Planning, preparing, and actually running this retreat on only days notice was amazing. It is wonderful working with Sr. Ester on tossing out ideas and putting things into practice while being open to the Holy Spirit's guidance.

I was fortunate in that my focus was only on the retreat in that I was there from start to finish. Sr Ester and Sr Catarina were in and out as they had other things to take care of at the same time. They sure do juggle things well. Chona, who is a wonderful lady who helps out the sisters in several ways and she teaches catechism, etc. She also joined us and was there the entire time as well. There is a picture of her as she went with us when we went to take communion to the home-bound.

I don't usually take pictures of people without their permission and I especially don't post pictures without permission. That's one of the reasons there aren't many pictures of the youth or of other people I mention. I wish I could because there are some wonderful people that we have visited etc. But out of respect, I don't always take their pictures.

The picture below is from the back of St Claver Church where we go to daily mass in Punta Gorda. They have a great view. The sun is changing position based on the time and the length of daylight so it's getting a bit more difficult to take a picture of the sun because of the fence.

Check out the weather at 3:58 p.m.

It truly feels like 115 degrees! Inside the buildings it feels like an oven sometimes. Remember, no air conditioning. And it's humid everywhere. I was sharing that in the states people pay to spend time in a sauna so the hot humidity will make them sweat. Here, it's free, all day, every day. lol

Remember the picture where I said he trimmed down the weeds with a machete?

He was doing it again in another area as I was passing to do my laundry. I asked him if I could take a little video of how he cut the weeds. This is Miguel. He is one of the men that works on the grounds. I forgot I was taping and I started talking before I ended it. Oops.

NOTE: You can expand the video to full screen if you want to see it clearer. Click on the 4 arrows on the bottom right of the picture. You can click on the arrows again at the end to make it small again.

I took the video below as I was hanging clothes to record the sounds of the forest. You can mostly hear many different kinds of birds.

The video below is of sea gulls. I couldn't remember if I posted this before and I didn't take the time to go back and look.

More will follow soon.

I won't be sending every link via email. If you want to see all the blog posts, go to the main blog page and tap on the title of the blog you want to see and it will expand to show all the pictures.


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