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Taking the first step...

Why do we struggle to start things, especially those that we know are for our own good.

Sometimes it's because our brain is telling us that it's a huge thing that we can't do, or that it's too much, that we can't do it, you really don't feel like it, etc. These thoughts sneak in under the radar and we are usually not aware of them. The problem is that these thoughts make us feel like it's too much effort and we give in to not feeling like it.

How do we move beyond these thoughts?

The problem is that we usually pay attention to how we feel before we do things. If our thoughts are negative and discouraging, we are not going to "feel like it". So we don't take action.

To get started, we need to do what we need to do without paying attention to how we feel.

Here's an example:

If we KNOW we need to get more movement for our own health. We decide we need to start simple and easy. Walking is the simplest and easiest for most of us, right?

Decide that today, TODAY, my goal is to go outside and walk.

Start small and simple. No limit to when or how long or how far. Just GO OUTSIDE, WALK.

That's it! Get up, go outside, walk. Even if you only walk to the end of your yard or to the end of the corner of the house. It doesn't really matter at first. Just , Get Up, go outside, walk.

If you are not able to go walk outside, set a goal to walk inside. Some people get creative with where they walk. Some people go to the store, and walk in there. I have a friend that goes to Walmart to walk.

The key is to start! Get up, walk....

One day at a time. Literally. TODAY.... Get up.... walk. Don't pay attention to feelings.

After a week of doing this, you will begin to think and feel differently. It takes the brain a while to adjust and build on a new way of doing things.

Don't stop. Keep doing the same thing. Get up, walk. Do it for another week. You don't have to increase the distance or the time unless you want to. Be careful not to overdo, that will send your brain on another spin that will stop you from walking. Keep it simple. Today, get up, walk... do this for at least 3 weeks.

It takes the brain at least 3 weeks to accept the change or to build the new neuropathway to the point that it is strong enough to actually sustain it and begin to build on it.

After 3 weeks, start to think about how much you will need to walk so that it is beneficial. This may be different for different people. Find your sweet spot.

There's plenty of information on the internet about how much walking is beneficial.

Remember, start small. Get up, walk.... Keep it simple.


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