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Maya Ruins

As a special treat on Palm Sunday, after the Mass and meal, we walked from the church to see the Maya Ruins about half a mile up the road.

Yes, we walked 1/2 mile up the road to the "entrance", and then walked up the dirt road to the ruins.

There are many different kinds of trees here.

These are pictures of some of the artifacts in the museum on top of the hill.

The black orchid is their national flower.

These beautiful children and their mother went with us to Mass and to the ruins.

These are the crazy sisters I have the privilege of staying with. They are so much fun. They work hard and play hard. :)

They are naturally funny characters for sure.

I asked her to let me take a picture of her because it looked like she was standing on air. She had found a rock sticking out and was standing there quietly looking around.

Gorgeous smiles!

Yes, the photographer in me can't resist.

And everyone is super cooperative for this crazy lady from the states.

More interesting trees.

A picture of one of the 4 tombs.

Us, taking a picture of each other, taking a picture of each other. lol

Some super tall trees.

Another burial tomb.

More interesting trees.

Interesting tree with interesting name.

Time to walk back to the church to the truck.

I got a rock in my shoe so had to stop to take it out. They walk fast don't you think? Good thing it was downhill to catch up.

Taking a moment in the shade.

Sister decides to jog a bit. Huh? In this heat? ok.

Per the app that came in my phone, we walked 4.4 miles between the procession and walking to and from the Maya Ruins.

It felt great to get some walking in. I am going through withdrawal from hiking. That's one of the first things I am hoping to do when I get home.

On to more adventures. Let's see what else God has in store. Truly, every day is a new surprise. Never a dull moment.


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