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Delivering lamb cakes

Packaging lamb cakes.

These are cakes in the shape of a lamb. The sisters bake these, decorate them with candy, and deliver them in appreciation to selected people on Tues, Wed and Thurs mornings of Holy Week.

Sr Catarina decorated, packaged and delivered a few yesterday in the morning while we were in the youth retreat.

Sr Ester, Sr Catarina and the visiting sister from India, and I, decorated and packaged some today. Sr Catarina, Sr Ester and I delivered about 20 (I think) today.

At 9:42 pm notice the "feels like" temperature and the humidity.

If you wash clothes and hang them on the clothes line in the day time and don't get them off the line by night time, they will be wet again in the morning, from the humidity.

Below is a screenshot of the temperatures at 5:14 AM. The temperatures do not go down much at night.

Yesterday we had coconut water to drink with dinner. Coconuts from the trees on the convent grounds.

At night the coconut water that was left was mixed with ground coconut pulp and placed in plastic cups and placed in the freezer. Makes for some nice popsicles during the hot day.

Remember I said it was getting hard to take pictures of the sun in the morning because of the fence at the back of the church in Punta Gorda?

I tried getting right next to the fence and taking a picture through it. These are taken right before the 6:30 a.m. masses every day.

I wish I could be here right at sunrise one morning.

The picture below is of the moon over the novitiate building. The room I am staying in is the third window to the right of the door. There are two short windows higher up then a long one. The long one is to the room I'm in.

Below is a fruit that grows on the trees on the convent grounds. I think it's called a Star Apple. It does not taste like apple at all. It is sweet. It's a very soft texture. The black things are the seeds.

I was leaving from the kitchen one evening and saw Sister plucking the feathers of a chicken. I didn't ask any questions..... :)

The video below was taken as I was going into the building I'm staying in and I heard the howler monkeys in the trees in the distance.

I forgot my phone when we went to deliver the lamb cakes. Or else there would have been many more pictures of the places we went.

Maybe next time.

This afternoon, after the women's group, the girls that will be singing with Sr Ester for Mass on Thursday night came to practice. I could hear the singing from my window. After practice, we were blessed with Adoration, then evening prayers.

We read out of the book that has the prayers St. Vincent Pallotti congregations pray every day. It's similar to the Liturgy of the Hours in some ways. I'm really liking those prayers as well. Then we pray the Liturgy of the Hours so I am super happy that I remembered to bring my book.

After prayer we close all the doors of the church and everyone goes to do chores. I helped Sr. Gabriela make dinner. Then we all set the table. It was a nice dinner and we had some great conversation afterwards. We learned more about India from the visiting Sister. She is currently living in Rome, so we learned more about Rome as well. You know me, I ask questions.

We had a good time learning and laughing.

I was informed that after Mass on Holy Thursday evening, we observe silence until services Friday afternoon. Hmmmm....... That means I can't give the sisters a hard time.

I joked about having to talk with Scooby and Clea. (They are the dogs). They joked about how I could talk to the chickens too. LOL

All joking aside, we will all be observing a time of silence.

We will also be praying the stations of the cross with the near by Villagers or whoever wants to join us. There are structures made for each station and they go all around the property, or at least the part of the jungle/bush that has been cleared so far.

I will try to take pictures of them on Friday as we pray the stations.


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