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Need a break on the heat

This is at 8:55 PM. Feels like 100⁰

There was a lady we saw in town today. She was walking by the vehicle as we stopped to drop off a lamb cake. The sisters asked her how she's doing. She says, "oh, I'm just enjoying the hot weather". Then everyone laughed. She said it does no good to complain. Just bear it and move on. True.

This morning we prayed morning prayer in the church here at the convent at the usual time, 5:45 a.m. There is no 6:30 am Mass. We will go to Punta Gorda for the 7pm celebration of the Lord Supper.

We went for groceries at the market. Found almost everybody we needed.

I asked sister to stop somewhere to buy Insect repellent. I'm going to definitely need it for Good Friday stations of the cross procession outside on the grounds.

The picture above is of where we bought most of the veggies we needed.

Notice the beautiful long hair of the girl in the picture. The women all have long hair. It's part of the culture to not cut their hair. Most of them have jet black hair. Naturally! No dye.

The sisters are working on flower arrangements for the church.

Stores, businesses, and the market, close today at noon until next week in observance of Holy Week, Triduum, and Easter.

This is Scooby. He's my hero. He rescued me. Last week, the aggressive dog, Ebony, didn't come when called in the morning so he stayed loose. The sisters keep him tied in the day time because he will bite anyone who comes onto the grounds.

When we came home one afternoon, I was walking around the kitchen, (pretty much where Scooby is in the picture), headed to the Novitiate building, I looked to the right and saw Ebony on the porch and stopped in my tracks. I told the sisters as I walked back towards the kitchen. In the meantime Ebony realized I was not one of the sisters and started towards me but Scooby jumped him. Sr Esther was there in a few seconds to break them up but it gave me enough time to get inside.

That's why Scooby is my hero and my body guard. If Ebony is loose, I take Scooby with me when I need to go outside.

We had practice the last couple of days for mass and services here at the convent church, the church is Our Lady of Fatima.

Some more visitors came to stay at the retreat center for a couple of days. The sisters have great hospitality and there's always someone coming and going.

Since most people don't have vehicles, we are always giving people a ride here and there.

Tonight we went into Punta Gorda for Holy Thursday mass and repose. I was looking at the status of Jesus directly in front of where I was sitting. He looks like he is looking directly in my direction don't you think?

The sisters observe a time of silence from this mass until Good Friday services in the afternoon.

Yup! Time to be quiet. 🤐

Time for reflection on the Passion of Christ.

I started this blog yesterday and finished it today.

Today's weather seemed a little better. Lol I said that and everyone said I was crazy. Lol. Could I be getting used to the heat? Lol just on time to go back to freezing temperatures back home. Ay ay ay. My body is probably wondering what the heck I'm trying to do to it.

This afternoon after we finished washing dishes and I came back to my room to work on the computer, I felt really sleepy. Then I heard the singing in the church and realized it was time for practice. So I went to join in. At the end I was getting really sleepy again. Almost lethargic. After we were done I came to my room and after a few min on the computer, it got me again. So I figured I would lay down for a few min. Lol Not! I literally fell asleep! A deep sleep! I woke up thinking it was morning. Boy was I confused for a while. Eeejole!!! 🤣

Remember last week when I went with Sister to her niece's (Melissa) birthday party? Sister said that Melissa makes woven purses. She showed me a few. I really liked them. So I asked if she would sell me one. Turns out she makes them to order. I asked how long it took. She said 4 weeks because she had a few to finish. I don't have 4 weeks before I leave. She said she could if that's all she did for the next week and a half. So I teased Miguel, her husband, that he could help her with chores so she world have more time.

At the end, I asked if she could make a smaller one with a simpler design. She ended up saying she could.

While we were there their 3yr old daughter was playing with a couple of popsicle sticks. She was working on building somthing.

When I went to the store for insect repellent (I can't survive without it 😳), I saw some colored craft sticks so I bought them for his little girl. Yes, brownie points right? 😊

This morning Melissa and their daughter came on the bus with Miguel and brought the purse. I wish I could show you the look on the little girl's face when I gave her the craft sticks. Priceless! So adorable.

This is a picture of the purse Melissa made for me.

Tonight actually feels a little cooler. There's a slight breeze.

Feels like 85⁰ at 9:35 pm and I think that's cooler? They are right! I have gone crazy! It must be the heat. 🙃🤣

Until next time, have a great evening.


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