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Weekend Getaway Retreat update

It's amazing how people are coming together for the Weekend Getaway With Jesus Retreat.

People are supporting each other by giving to the Fundraiser to Help Families who have youth who want to come to the retreat.

We mention the fundraiser, and that youth are invited, and people either buy tickets, or donate directly! That means all the money they donate goes directly to pay for youth to participate. Isn't that so cool?! 👍🏼😊🙏🏼

Every person is valuable. Youth who have come to the day retreats have commented that they are always separated out when it comes to church activities that are geared towards youth. But they appreciate that they are included with one big family in these retreats and it is helpful to hear what others, of all ages, are experiencing in their lives.

It's just as valuable to all of us to hear what youth are experiencing in their lives. We are all in on this together.

Let's all join in and help each other out right!

On another note, remember I mentioned the details in the church at the retreat facility? The image below is of a hand created, monstrance for Eucharistic Adoration. Wow, huh?

Wait till you are there! Pictures don't do it justice.

We will be at several churches next weekend selling tickets and making people aware of the retreat.

You can join us in spreading the word, and bringing people closer to Christ, by sharing the links. Once on this website, you can navigate to the retreats page, and share any of the pages for, updates, blogs, to register, buy tickets online, or to donate to help out.

This retreat is for anyone who wants to "retreat", get a break from the world, get refreshed and re-energized, ready to face it all again with new vigor, fortitude, and perseverance.

Jesus went up the mountain to pray.

Let's follow His example right.

Register today.



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