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Do you need a front porch?

Do you remember seeing people sitting quietly in their front porch, especially in the evening?

I used to wonder what they were doing. They didn't seem to be having a conversation?

Were they just sitting there watching the cars go by?

In our crazy world of doing, doing, doing, going, going, going, busy, busy, busy.... do we stop to just "be"?

The late Fr. George used to tell us, "you are not human doings, you are human beings."

Now that I've learned more about how our brains work and how we "process" our thoughts and experiences, it totally makes sense!

We need to take the time to "think". Time to let our brains, bodies, and minds process. A time to withdraw from the craziness of the day, process, rest, and re-energize, to be prepared for the next day.

It's a way to process life so that it doesn't become toxic stress that becomes harmful to us both physically and mentally.

That is what it means to "re-treat". Sometimes we are so caught up in the day to day that it's hard for us to get away from all the demands on us.

Going on a weekend retreat is exactly that. Going away from the day to day to a different environment. Where we are not looking at all the things that need to get done or are reminded of the demands on our time.

To make it even better, a retreat with Jesus not only helps us get away, breathe, think, and process, He feeds us with himself.

The Holy Spirit works in ways that we least expect.

We just need to give Him the opportunity.



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