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Do you feel empowered?

Have you ever stopped to think about what it must have felt like when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost? Do you think it's possible to feel the same power now?

Can you imagine!?

Think about what it must have felt like to be there!

Remember Jesus was killed for speaking truth. Those who didn't want to hear it wanted him dead! So they set out to have him killed.

His followers were shocked! After a couple of days of trying to wrap your brain around Jesus crucified, the craziness and fear, Jesus is alive again!

What? It had to be mind boggling right? Yes, he told them that after 3 days he would rise. What would your mind have made of that?

Imagine the intense joy of seeing Jesus alive after all that! He walked the earth alive in His glorified body for 50 days! Then he leaves! What?! What's your brain doing now!

The angry mobs are still out there. They want all his followers dead. What if that was you too? Of course they were all gathered together and praying. God help us right.

Imagine hearing the strong wind, then seeing the tongues of fire? Then seeing them split and move to the top of each apostles head? The power of the Holy Spirit gave them courage, fortitude, determination, conviction, motivation, and energy.

Can you imagine hearing St. Peter's speech live? It was so powerful that about three thousand people joined them that day!

Have you every tried reading the story of Penticost, and placing yourself there? It starts in the book of Acts chapter 2. With the coming of the Holy Spirit. Then, Peter's speech starts at verse 14. Try reading all of it. It's an amazing event. Read it slow, placing yourself in the middle of the followers. Be one of them.

Going on retreat is like taking time away from the craziness of life, going to a quiet place, a peaceful place. Immersing yourself in God's word. Feeling His presence.

A retreat can be a mini Pentecost. For some, it's a big Pentecost! It's the coming of the Holy Spirit in our soul in a special way.

Before Pentecost the apostles were gathered together in prayer, away from all the commotion.

We all need to "get away" for a while.

Think about it.

Come join us.

Let's go away to the mountains, to a quiet place, to pray together, to spend time with the Holy Spirit.

There is no greater joy than experiencing God's presence. Imagine how amazing it would be for everyone to experience it!



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