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And the Winner IS . . .

This has been an amazing outpouring of people's generosity to help others. Heartwarming to say the least.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

Below are the winning tickets. The winner of the $1.00 tickets is Michelle and the winner of the $5.00 tickets is Bert.

And... below is a quick video of the drawing for both the $1.00 and the $5.00 fundraisers.

I apologize in advance. The lighting was not very good for everyone to see the tickets. Plus I got a cough attack at the end. Never fails huh. 🙃

Now mind you, we did this in Moriarty, the fireworks capital of the world it seems. If any of you have ever been here for the 4th of July, you know that there are fireworks going on all around the city and beyond. There are 2 year-round fireworks stores in Moriarty and to top it off, there are also a couple of huge tents set up in June and July, full of fireworks for sale.

There were fireworks going on all around us. One could get whiplash, or a sore neck at the very least, by trying to see all of them as they go off.

It was quite the show for sure.

I was able to catch a few of them on video, with cool sound effects with the kiddos in the background too. So just in case you didn't see fireworks last night, here you go.

wait for it...... listen to the chant the kiddos started. . . so cute

All in all, it went well. These kiddos are so wonderful!

Thank you for your help in making this fun. 👍🏼🎉

And thank you to the parents for saying yes, at the last minute. You are all a blessing.

The fund raiser helped pay for the children ages 7 to 17 that are coming to the retreat with their parents. 👍🏼😊🙏🏼

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets, and sold tickets, to make this possible.

You still have a few more days to register for the retreat. We have a few slots in the facility and several for RV's.

Remember the deadline for registration is July 8th!

Thank you everyone!



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