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A Taste of the Retreat

As the retreat draws near, and we review the content, we get more excited about sharing it all with you.

Below is a "taste" of what we will be sharing.

From St. Vincent Pallotti

"As the ripples of the sea reach the distant shores, so all our actions reach to the ends of the earth. We influence all for better or for worse. We cannot act in isolation. In contemplation, no matter how much we strive to be alone, we remain links in the infinite chain of creation."

The photo above is from the closing mass for the Pilgrimage for Vocations.

Those walking, helping, supporting, praying, and gathered together, are all influenced by each other. It's the ripple effect that St. Pallotti is referring to right?

You matter. You are valuable. What you do matters. Who you are matters.

We will be sharing and discussing the value of each person as we join together throughout the retreat weekend.

Do you feel called to join us?

Learn more by going to the Retreats drop down menu or call if you have questions.



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