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A Special Pallottine Sisters Treat

Wow! The sisters planned a great last day in Belize.

Sr Ester is friends with someone who's family was raised on this small island owned by the family for over 100 years.

It's a small island. I could see the ocean all around us. I could look across from one side to the other.

The boat ride getting there was half the fun. The picture below is leaving the dock in Punta Gorda.

Below is a video clip of the ride on the waves. We were on an 8 passenger boat.

Below is a picture of the boat we were in at the dock at the island. It's the boat on the right.

The following pictures are on the island.

Below is a picture of things carved out of coconuts. Zoom in to see them closer. Pretty creative huh?

The beach is not very large or wide. But it was all ours for the few hours that we were there.

Below is a picture of Sister Alda. She is from India. She is currently living in Rome. It was a blessing to meet her.

Below is a picture of the crazy ladies showing off what they found. They are both great swimmers.

The picture of the beach before was the beach to the left of where I was standing. Below is a picture of the beach to the right of where I was standing.

In the picture below, the light blue is shallow water. That's where the sisters are standing. Pretty much to my shoulders or lower. The darker areas get deeper.

Another view of the beach.

Other small islands are visible from where we are.

Sister Gabriella (in the black skirt), got brave and joined us in the water.

More views on the island.

They have 3 cabins like this one. Each has a couple of beds, a bathroom with a shower, a porch towards the ocean with a hammock.

Nice carving on a stump.

This video clip shows 3 sides of the island. It's not very wide.

This is the porch of the cabin we were able to use. I actually fell asleep on the hammock. Then I struggled to get out of it. LOL

Below is a picture as we were leaving the island we visited.

The view of the island gets small pretty quickly.

It was a great day enjoying the water and the sisters on my last full day in Belize. There are many amazing memories and much to contemplate.

Now back to the convent, wash clothes, and pack. The sisters will take me to the airport in Punta Gorda at 5:15 a.m.


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

That looks like so much fun. It's so beautiful there.

Replying to

It was a great surprise for sure! I love the ocean. It was great to actually be in it!

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