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There's a reason

This morning, after morning prayer (Liturgy of the hours), we had Communion Service here at the convent church.

The vehicle is not available to go to Punta Gorda for mass.

The acoustics in this church are really good, even with all the doors open.

I love listening to the sisters sing. Which is great because they sing every day at Morning and Evening prayer.

As I was reflecting this morning after communion service, I thought, why not share these reflections on the blogs as well.

Sometimes stepping away from our familiar environments helps us see things that we don't otherwise see.

It is good to take notice of how others influence us. Or better said, "how we allow others to influence us".

"Others" being, friends, family, coworkers, society, and anyone who we surround ourselves with or who cross our paths.

For the most part, most of us go through life on survival mode. We live each day doing our routines to accomplish what we think we want.

But do we ever stop to think about the purpose of it all?

Is the ultimate end wealth, possessions, status, material things, jobs, comfort?

Regardless of who we are, where we came from, what job we have, how much money we have, what we drive, what we live in, there is one thing that is guaranteed for all of us.

Do we think about that one thing?

Do we prepare for it?

Do we learn about it?

Are we aware of what happens after that?

Most people fear it and hope it doesn't happen.

But what if it is what we are all truly living for?

What if it is what matters most?

What if it is what we should work on preparing for the most?

What if it is what makes life worth living?

What if it is the most important event in our lives?

When we spend time reflecting, pondering, and deliberately learning and searching for what matters most, we learn that it is what "living happily forever" truly means.

Whether we like it or not. Whether we believe it or not. Whether we want to admit it or not.

This life is temporary.

We will all eventually go through that door we call death and into a new way of living. It is not the end. It is eternity, forever.

Depending on how we chose to live this life, and the choices we make, will determine where we will go after we go through that door.

Have you thought of where you WANT to go?

The choices are hell or heaven. And they truly are choices.

It is our choice.

How much time have you spent thinking about it?

It is a beautiful thing.

We have a gracious, generous God.

He created us for a reason.

He loves us beyond what we can comprehend.

He is always calling us.

How we respond is up to us.

He loves us enough to leave it up to us.

Us humans are funny creatures. We don't do what we know is good for us. We think we know better. And even if we don't we can be pretty stubborn. I am the first one to raise my hand in that department.

We know what foods are good for us. What do we choose to eat?

We know that exercise is good for us. How much to we exercise?

We know that learning is good for us. How much of an effort do we make to learn new things?

We know that good and healthy relationships are good for us. How much effort do we put into forming good relationships?

We know that we can all use improvement in our behavior. How much effort do we put into changing our bad behaviors?

and the list goes on...

Contrary to what some people choose to believe, life does come with an instruction manual. God does not leave us orphans. We have the Living Word and we have The Church. Yes, God sent Jesus for our sake. God inspired the words in the Bible. And Yes, Jesus started "The Way" which was later called the Catholic Church. It is the only church started by Jesus Christ himself.

You don't have to take my word for it. Look it up. Do your research. If you don't know how, ask me. I will be happy to share information with you so you can learn it for yourself.

True joy is found in surrendering to God. It is when we truly enter into the amazing adventure of this thing we call life!



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They sound heavenly. Thank you so much for sharing your daily adventures.

Replying to

My pleasure! Thank you for coming along virtually. 🤗

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