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Great Things Never Come Easy

This retreat is no exception! That's for sure! Understatement actually.

It never fails! When we are preparing for a retreat, it seems we get attacked in so many ways.

This retreat is no exception.

As I was working away on my computer...

To make a long story short.... my computer had to be taken in for surgery.

As you know, my work requires using my computer to meet with people. I can't work without one. So, I had to buy a backup computer while the main one was in for repairs.

If you have ever had to buy a new computer without having your data files with you, it's time consuming and somewhat frustrating to start over. Installing programs, finding passwords, learning new systems, adjusting to changes, re-creating some files, and the list goes on.

While the main computer was being worked on, I got a call that the hard drive crashed! 😬 Oh boy. So, you guessed it, had to install a new hard drive. Fortunately, they had already backed up my data onto a USB flash drive. 👍🏼

It took a few days to fix. When I returned home with the fixed computer, I started it up and couldn't find the power cord. I thought maybe I left it in the Jeep. Nope. I called to see if it might be at the repair shop. Sure enough, there it is. So here I go. I drove 40 miles one way to pick up the power cord. Was I ticked? What do you think? 😠

Then back to set up yet another computer! Talk about brain overload. That's all on top of working and trying to keep up with retreat work as well.

Then I notice a scratchy sound coming from my brakes. Now mind you, a week before I removed all the tires, checked all the brakes, and used brake cleaner on all of them. At the time, there was about 75% of the pads still left. It seemed to be ok.

The scratchy sound became a grinding sound and was getting worse fast, but I had commitments, and deadlines, etc. and I couldn't deal with the brakes right away.

As soon as I was able to, I decided to replace all the brake pads, good or not. As I was taking off the rear driver side pads, the one on the inside was worn to the metal. The rotor was damaged. But I had to drive it, so, I installed all the new pads and drove it to buy a rotor.

Then more appointments while downshifting to slow down, trying not to use the brakes as much.

In anticipation of tough to remove bolts, I asked my brother for help with muscle to remove bolts to replace the rotor. Thank you, bro!

All fixed.

Now, on to buying and installing new batteries on the truck. Yes, the truck needs help too.

Did I say attacked in MANY ways?

Did I mention the great exercise it takes to do all this?

New batteries in. That didn't fix the problem. My brother who knows way more than I do about diesel engines, came by to troubleshoot. We got it to start and have some ideas on possible issues. God willing, I will work on it to start the process of narrowing down the possibilities.

The adventures never end!

Meanwhile... back to the retreat.

The winning amounts for the drawings continues to grow as more tickets are sold.

As of right now the $5 ticket winning amount is $512.50. The $1 ticket winning amount is $127.00. Not too shabby huh?

Just think, if you buy the winning ticket for $5, you win $512.50? Wow. With $1.00 you can win $127.00. 👍🏼🥳

We have enough $ raised to pay for 4 out of 7 children registered with 11 more days to sell tickets.

You can buy your chance at winning right now. Click here: BUY TICKETS

Registrations are still coming in as well. It gets more exciting by the day.

All these obstacles just mean that all the work, struggles, and sacrifices, are well worth it!

It just makes things more exciting. It's confirmation that God has many blessings in store for all of the participants and team.

Come join the fun at the Weekend Getaway with Jesus Retreat. More information here. RETREAT INFO

More adventures on the way. You coming?



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