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God is in Charge

We can be at peace once we recognize that God is in charge.

Things that are going on around us can be discouraging sometimes. When we choose to focus on God and read His promises, we realize that there is always hope.

God tells us many times in the bible to "take courage".

" ... be strong, and let your heart take courage..." Psalm 27:14

When we spend time with God and we learn of His ways, we can take courage because we know deep down in our soul that God is in control. He sees beyond what we see. He is always working things out for the better good.

We can take courage that when God permits something to happen it is because He knows that good will come out of it.

We may not understand it and we may not have some of the answers, but we have His promises.

We can choose how we want to think about it and we can choose how we are going to react to it.

What choice to do you want to make?

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