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Are we Aware?

Do you know what other people are going through? Are you aware of your own thoughts and feelings?

Have you heard the phrase, "Awareness is everything"?

Sometimes we are aware of how we feel and sometimes we are not. We may think we are aware, but are we really?

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It is so sad when people get so desperate that they want to end it all. It's not necessary. There is always hope. It's sad that they don't realize that there is always an answer and a way to handle what we are going through.

We need to learn to recognize when we need help. We need to recognize when we need to be replenished.

Reach out to others and let them know you care.

We need to pray for each other. Ask for prayer when you need it. Offer to pray when someone else needs it. You might be making more of a difference than you realize. Be there for each other.

Take care of yourself, physically and mentally.

I love the work that I do. I love to help people. We can all help each other.

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