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A sampling of the Retreat

Working on the sessions for the retreat is getting more exciting. I can't wait to share it all with the participants!

Here's a taste of some of what we will be sharing, and living, towards the end of the retreat. This is after having a celebration party the night before.

These are a couple of quotes from St. Pallotti:

"Holy Cheerfulness and joy are also the distinctive characteristics of the servant of the Lord. If cheerfulness and joy are lacking, few will be attracted to follow Jesus Christ."

"Life can be too serious. It can easily become an endless routine of tasks, appointments, of rushing to and fro. When this happens many lose hope the emphasis drifts to what is convenient, and life itself loses its richest significance: celebration. "

He is speaking truths that we are living today, right?

Are you a cheerful Catholic? Do people see the Joy in you?

At the retreat, we will all be filled with this Joy. The Holy Spirit is alive and well and already working miracles. God is amazing!

Mother Teresa was a good example of a Joy-filled servant of God. We can learn from her example.

Maybe another retreat based on her teachings? Hmm? Food for pondering, you think?



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