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Yet, another beautiful day filled with beautiful women!!!


My Goodness!!! This is amazing. So super wonderful to spend the day with such amazing women. Women who know Jesus and are on fire to share the gifts God has given us. Thank you for the honor of being with you, sharing our journeys and especially praying together as we do our best to follow Christ.

Links to songs played during the retreat:

Theme Song:

On Eagle's Wings

"Mamastery" by Danielle Rose

Jesus Loves Me

He Never Sleeps by Don Moen

Links to videos mentioned during the retreat:


Theology of the Body by Christopher West :

Is Celibacy better than Marriage? Christopher West:

Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT – Women’s Session: Femininity Restored:

Links to other helpful videos:

Fr Mark: Sr Faustina predication & New World Order:

True Intimacy with God | What It Means “to Know” the LORD by Christopher West:

The Downfall of Our Culture|Why Theology of the Body is the Antidote for Our times, by Christopher West:

The Real Problem with Living Together (Before you’re married) | Good News about Sex and Marriage by Christopher West:

Ruth Institute Resources to combat the sexual revolution:

The Christian Response to Attraction:

Assentation Presents – The Right Way to be Single:

Kim Zember – Freedom from the homosexual lifestyle:

Fr Mark – Children will save the world! Padre Pio


Fr Mark – Sex crazed world


Fr Mark -  "The path to walk"

Sr.Miriam James Heidland, SOLT-Restored in Jesus

Sr.Miriam James Heidland, SOLT -The Decisive Encounter: Transformation from the Heart

We kicked off the morning with refreshments, prayer, introductions. Thank you Fr. Rob for getting us started with beautiful prayer and for staying with us all morning.

The first presentation was on knowing who we are and knowing how God works with us and through us. Recognizing that we are created to Soar!!! No excuses.

Then we moved on with a presentation on the Family Mission with discussions on marriage and ideas for incorporating God through activities with young children.

After that we had a presentation on Sexuality & Social Norms vs God's Intent. We touched on what St. Pope John Paul II taught in Theology of the Body and the wonderful gift of sexuality God has blessed us with to be used to unite us with God.

Then we shared lunch and discussed the previous presentations and how we all relate to the topics presented.

In the afternoon we continued with a presentation on Raising children after divorce and the challenges that come with spouses living with different morals and values.

The following presentations were on life experiences living through different types of abuse and overcoming the trauma with God's help and moving forward in helping others.

We then heard a presentation by Fr. Joseph on adoration, followed by a nice walk through the plaza to the beautiful church of Our Lady of Sorrows for Adoration and Confession.

After returning to the parish hall, we discussed concrete ideas for using the gifts God has given us to move forward with our daily lives while following God's call.

Overall, it was a great turnout, with wonderful women from Our Lady of Sorrows and Immaculate Conception Parishes in Las Vegas, St. Gertrudes Parish in Mora, San Isidro Church in Agua Fria/Santa Fe, Our Lady of Guadalupe from Villanueva, San Miguel Del Vado in San Miguel, Estancia Valley Catholic Parish, and Holy Child in Tijeras.

We are excited to see what all these wonderful women do with what they learned and shared.

Visit regularly for updates and information on the next retreat!

Meanwhile, Soar with the Holy Spirit and remember that you are not "chickens" [tongue and cheek based on the Eagle story :) ]

Please feel free to send feedback and ideas HERE

Your opinion matters and will be used to develop more retreats.

Thank you for taking the time to send your feedback.

We are praying for you and ask that you pray for us as we continue to do our best to follow God's call.

St. Joseph - Pray for us

St. Paul - Pray for us

Our Lady of Sorrows - Pray for us

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Pray for us

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - Pray for us

St. Elizabeth Ann Setan - Pray for us

Sts. Peter and Paul - Pray for us

San Antonio - Pray for us

San Miguel - Pray for us

St Gertrudes - Pray for us

St. Pope John Paul II - Pray for us

Sta. Teresa de Avila - Pray for us


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