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A quick update...

There are lots of things going on this summer.

As most of you know, I am building my house. Yes, it started a few years ago with Dad. He helped build the walls, set the vigas in place, and applying oil to the boards for the decking. But he died before the house was finished.

The first year after he died I was able to continue building. With some help from my friends, brothers, nephews, nieces, we finished the roof. With help of friends, we got the windows in, in phases. I continued to work on making it "livable", i.e. bathroom, kitchen, etc. It's not quite finished yet.

This summer I am hoping to make huge progress, God willing. So far the weather has not been too cooperative. I managed to build a temporary structure to mount some solar panels to get the solar system running. My brother helped with design and welding of another structure to mount solar panels. This structure is built. A week ago we poured the concrete for one of the legs. This week I poured the concrete for the 2nd leg.

One step at a time right. Yes, it's coming along. We started the morning with 24 degrees outside today. It is warming up nicely. We have many projects and activities coming up with family and friends as well.

That said, I'm hoping to sneak in some updates as much as possible.

Thank you you for your inquiries.

I will post information on retreats as it is available. As of right now, there are no dates set.

Until next time, have a great Spring season!

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