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Wow! We are blown away with how the Holy Spirit moved through the "Moving Forward with the

Power of the Holy Spirit Retreat" on July 10th. Amazing!!!

In reflecting over the last several weeks, and last couple of years, the Holy Spirit has been doing some amazing things to make these retreats possible.


Recap from "Moving Forward with the Power of the Holy Spirit" Retreat

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Retreat Summary

The retreat started with check-in at 8:30 a.m.

The talks were kicked off at 9:00 a.m. with a talk about being broken, as most of us are, and how God can work through our brokenness to bless others.

We continued by sharing about healing and forgiveness.

We took a break for a delicious lunch and visiting.

We kicked off the afternoon with a presentation on the Holy Spirit.

Followed by a presentation on how we are Church and what we can do to bring Christ to others within our families, our communities and our Church family.

From there we moved to a presentation on the Sacrament of Confession. Then we moved to the Church for a presentation on Adoration and the Eucharist followed with the opportunity to go to Confession, and Adoration.

Then we concluded back at the Parish Hall, with time for a Plan of Action that participants can implement in their families, parishes and communities.

Below is information that we mentioned we could share from the retreat on July 10, 2021.


John 14:24-26

John 15:15:16-17

Acts 1:6-8

Links for examples of the following:

Sister Miriam James

Comments from Participants

​​"It made me realize there are many parishioners who need association with other people and want to participate in our parish activities"  G.O.

"I learned alot. I loved every bit of it."  M. G.

"It's always helpful to know we're not alone." E.M.

"...The whole team was awesome! I loved confession and adoration. I was also blessed by the speakers and all who shared their stories." V. G.

Overall, everyone had a great time.


We laughed, we cried, and shared our desires, our plans, our struggles.

We are broken in some way. God can heal our wounds and work through us to bless others. He can use our brokenness to make flowers bloom.

The Holy Spirit was moving in a wonderful way and brought the whole retreat together in a beautiful, joyful way.

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