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Online Course  *  Limited Slots  *  Starts August 2nd




How many times have you tried to change things in your life?


You give it your best shot, put a lot of energy into it, and before you know it you are right back where you started. Sometimes worse, because now you feel discouraged and think that it will never change.

If you truly want to find happiness it will not be "out there", it starts within.

We can't depend on someone or something else to make us happy.

It requires commitment and persistence. Both of these are hard to acquire on our own.

This course provides support, encouragement, and the tools necessary to make daily changes. Small changes that add up to lasting changes.

Course details:  This course is BOOKED. Not accepting more applications. There is a possibility that this course will be offered in the evening in the near future. Check back for updates.

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