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The time that I was stuck that screamed the loudest...

I think generally I struggled with being stuck at different times in my life, but when it was so loud that it was yelling at me, was when I was trying to keep working on my house. I built my own house in "earthship" style. It wasn't finished when I moved into it.


But at one point it was as if I hit a brick wall.

I couldn't move forward.

I was stuck!

You know when you want to do something with all your being.

You know what to do, but for some reason...

you just don't do it!

It was insane.

I didn't understand it.

I didn't know what was holding me back.

At first I would make excuses, "I don't have time", "I can start that until I finish something else", "I don't have the money", "It's too cold", ... The list goes on.

The thing is, I was making these excuses to myself, not anyone else. I tried to convince myself that I would get it done. When I finally got real with myself I realized that ...

I was paralyzed in inaction.

It felt like I was not in control.

I literally did not feel as if I was in control of what I did or didn't do.

It's a very scary place to be!

I wasn't able to get unstuck, until I asked for help from a Life Coach.

Once I saw what was holding me back, I took action to change it.

I started working on the house again, one step at a time. It is so wonderful to see progress.

I was able to break through what was holding me back.

I decided I wanted to help others do the same.

I worked hard to become a Certified Life Coach.


It is so wonderful to see progress. It is even more wonderful to know what to do when that paralyzing feeling comes back.

If you are ready to take back control of your life and move forward on whatever you have been wanting to do, click on the link below and set up a time to meet with me.

You will learn how to never get stuck again.


"Before coaching, I felt disconnected from the world.  My life was like a broken record stuck on repeat.  I was so tired of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

Geri’s calm and logical method of teaching truly connected and inspired me.  As of to date, she has enabled, coached, and given me confidence to change my way of thinking and feeling and therefore change my life.  I have hope again!                                                            ~Mia

          (Full Testimony) 

"Coaching is not something I ever thought about. Or maybe I thought others needed it and not me.

Geri's coaching never forced me to "get over it" as many people tell us. Her gentle leading into thinking about those thoughts and giving me a process, or kind of formula to walk through those thoughts, are what brought me into understanding of why I am programmed the way I am and think the way I do.

I am so grateful to Geri and her patience with me. I believe I am so much better for having the coaching and I'm ready to have more coaching in other areas of my life to move forward to an even better future."


          (Full Testimony) 

" Before coaching I was struggling with not being able to control everything in my life.


Coaching has allowed be to work on my thought process and I have achieved a great mind set.

My coaching experience was awesome. Geri was understanding, compassionate, and patient.

Because of Geri's coaching, I now have a different way of thinking and remind myself of what I was taught during the coaching and it helps me get back on track.

Geri is a good listener, does not judge you, very wise and takes her coaching serious."


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