Common Questions:

Q: Are all the retreats the same?

A: No. Each retreat has a different theme and the talks are different.

Q: Are the retreats for single or married women?

A: The retreat is for all women. We discuss topics that affect women in different states of life.

Q: Is it ok if I wait and register at the door on the day of the retreat?

A: We have a limit on the amount of participants we can have due to Covid restrictions and the size of the facility. Seats go fast. It is best to register a.s.a.p. to make sure there is a seat available. All retreats so far have been full.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Your smile. We provide water, snacks, coffee, tea, and lunch. We also provide something to write on and pens if you want to take notes.

Q: Can I bring a friend.

A: If your friend is a woman, YES, please register as many women friends as you want to bring. Register early before all the seats are taken.

Q: Will there be a Mass?

A: We have been able to schedule the retreat to coordinate it with a regularly scheduled Mass at the hosting parish. We try to end the retreat on time to go to Mass.

Q: Do you always have Confession and Adoration at each retreat?

A: We try to have both Confession and Adoration available. It depends on the availability of the Parish Priests and Deacons.