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Most of us are resistant to change, any change. But change is necessary.  If we are not changing, we are not growing. We are not created to simply exist.

We were created as unique individuals with a unique purpose.

True JOY is found when we are living our purpose.

No one on the planet can do what you are uniquely created to do.

We are restless and searching for meaning. Are you living your purpose?

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No Hope

"Before coaching, I felt disconnected from the world.  My life was like a broken record stuck on repeat.  I was so tired of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

          (Full Testimony) 

Holding on to Past Pain

"Geri's coaching never forced me to "get over it" as many people tell us. Her gentle leading ... brought me into understanding of why I am programmed the way I am and think the way I do.


          (Full Testimony) 

Overcoming Addiction

"For years, I was in denial that my porn usage was an addiction or even a problem. Deep down, though, I suspected otherwise. 

...                                                ~Anonymous

          (Full Testimony)

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